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dentist with artificial teeth

Many people find that going to the dentist is not something they wish to do. There are many reasons to delay visiting the dentist. Procrastination can lead to serious health problems. You can make a proactive effort to improve your oral health by focusing on the long-term benefits of regular visits to your Louisiana dentist.

Benefits of regular dental visits:

Reduce The Risk of Developing Heart Disease

Studies show that regular dental cleanings can reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. This is due to chronic inflammation of the gums. Regular cleaning and scaling can help reduce inflammation-causing bacteria. This improves blood vessel function throughout our bodies. Many diseases are linked to inflammation, including cardiovascular disease.

Gingivitis Can Be Treated & Prevented

Gingivitis gum diseases can lead to serious problems in our mouths. Gingivitis (or tartar) can cause periodontal disease. This is where calculus (or tartar), builds up under the gums and around the gum line. This can lead to inflammation which is known to be detrimental to our overall health. This issue can be addressed by your local dentist in Louisiana

Regular Dental Exams Help Detect Oral Cancer

Oral cancers can pose serious health risks. Regular checkups with your Louisiana dentist can detect oral cancer earlier and could be life-saving. Unusual bleeding, sores that don’t heal and white patches on the gums are all signs of oral cancer. 

Regular visits include a tissue and gum exam to ensure that your oral tissues are healthy.

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